The people behind Border Safeguard

Our staff make us who we are. From our sales and administration team to that of one of our engineering divisions, you will have dealings with them every day. We are happy to have the chance to introduce them to you.

Jake Wheelans

Managing Director

Jake began his career within the security and fire industry back in 1973, which gives him forty years of experience within the industry. During his career which began as an engineer with Securicor, Jake has advised thousands upon thousands of businesses, large and small, and a great deal of many residential home owners within the Scottish Borders on a variety of subjects pertaining to security and fire, combining his practical experience as well as putting theory to the role as and when required.

Jake has previously held the positions of regional Chairman of both the NSI and BSIA in Scotland, both of which were for sustained and lengthy periods of time. Jake has always believed in providing a professional operation to our customers and has strived to ensure the Company’s motto of it being ‘a company built of personal service’ has always remained the same today from when it was when it was first formed.

In his spare time, Jake enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing and gardening. He also also contributes to the successful running of various organizations and charitable associations within the town of Selkirk where the company is based. Although born and raised in Melrose, Jake is currently a serving member of the Common Riding Trust within the town having been a longtime supporter of the towns Merchant Company.

In his younger days Jake excelled at rugby, playing as a free running Fullback for both Selkirk Youth Rugby Club, Melrose and the South, where he was captain of each. Still today he supports local rugby in the region while even more so in particular supporting and focusing his efforts on the young people within the ranks of Selkirk Youth Rugby Club where he served one position or another for almost 30 years. In January of 2016 Jake was elected as the Provost of Selkirk, a position he will hold for 3 years. It’s a role he is immensely proud of undertaking and one that we all here at Border Safeguard Ltd are most supportive of.

Ask him about – Being nominated and chosen to act as a Baton Bearer for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!

Gail Lindores

Admin & Accounts Manager

Gail has been with the Company for 21 years and in that time has gained a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the business and in her time has seen many and varied changes in the successful evolution of the administration of the company. Gail is very well respected within the industry and is a very important member of the management team and she oversees the processing of all matters partaking to that of accounting and finance with the Company and is responsible for applying sound financial practices to the Company’s operations.

Gail works closely with many of our suppliers to ensure our continued success as she is very much driven to succeed by ensuring our customers receive the best service possible at all times. Gail liaises very closely at all times with the Mangers of our Alarm Receiving Centre’s and business partners to ensure delivery of high quality service to our customers.

In her spare time, Gail enjoys spending time with family and friends while also participating in the playing both indoor and outdoor bowls, where she is a member of clubs playing both in Galashiels and Tweedbank. To relax Gail enjoys travelling, and can often be found to be possession of more air miles than many high class business men!

Ask her about – her Scottish Ladies Bowling Association official ranking!

Craig Stanners

Senior Service Engineer

Craig has been with the firm for over 30 years, starting with Border Safeguard straight from leaving school and where he attended college to gain qualification in Electrical Engineering. Craig undertakes and supports his fellow engineers within the service division of the company while combining his own role as a service engineer with his own area, with offering help and assistance with new products and old.

Craig is another who is dedicated to providing a commitment to service and at all times strives to offer the best advice he can with any issues a customer may have or find.

Away from work, Craig enjoys spending time with his family and being an active supporter of Selkirk Common Riding and its various ceremonial proceedings. Craig currently finds himself as being Convenor of the Selkirk Rig Race Committee and oversees the organising and planning of the (twice!) yearly successful meetings held at the Gala Rig on the South side of the town.

Ask him about – his year as Selkirk Royal Burgh Standard Bearer back in 1994!

Neil Rutherford

Installation Team Engineer

Other than the Company MD, Neil is the longest serving member of the team and has been with the Company since 1982. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, Neil has seen all the many and varied changes that have occurred in business during his time. As the most experienced member of the installation engineering team, Neil is often found to coordinate various installation projects and is the first to offer words of advice on working practises to his colleagues.

Neil is often found to be the life and soul of any works related gathering thanks to his humorous and fun natured attitude which he offers to our customers also.
Away from work he enjoys spending time with family while socialising with friends. An avid golfer, Neil enjoys nothing more than days away and playing the many and various courses within Scotland. Although he does dispute the fact his son his a better golfer than him!

Ask him about – his travels to Spain in 1982 with the Tartan Army to support the Scotland football team!

Kirsty Skeldon

Admin & Management Coordinator

Kirsty is often the first point of contact for customers when they contact us. Kirsty joined the team in 2010 following a lengthy period within the insurance industry. Kirsty ensures that the office runs smoothly through her strong administration and customer service skills. As well as supporting the team of directors, Kirsty supports the admin department and senior management team with the day to day tasks required to continue the success of the business.

Kirsty assists and undertakes to promote the company through the medium that is social media and is keen to develop the service for the benefit of our customers in the future. Kirsty can be found to be taking a keen interest in all items partaking to company business and will, if required go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
Away from the office Kirsty enjoys keeping active, spending time with her family and friends and reading. An avid walker, Kirsty enjoys having lengthy walks but her favorite hobby, as she calls it, is social shopping...

Ask her about – her fascination with shoes!?! Kirsty is renowned the region over as being the Imelda Marcos of Border Safeguard due to size of her ‘small’ collection...

John Pretswell

Senior Installation Team Engineer

John (or Baz as he is more commonly known!) has been with the company for nearly 17 years and along with our Operations Director, was one of the very first individuals in Scotland to gain the Modern Apprenticeship qualification that became available in the installation and maintenance of Fire and Emergency Systems. After serving his time and undertaking many varying roles within the Company over a sustained period of time has enabled him to gain a great deal of practical experience as well as theorics.

John enjoys working with customers new and old alike while at the same time learning and putting into practice the varying and ever changing standards and technology’s that are in the industry with regards Intruder, CCTV and Fire installations. He often contributes to assisting with the company’s’ social media strategy from an engineering perspective on a regular basis and as such, holds the respect of his fellow engineers with his continued commitment and dedication to service. John undertakes ‘Out of Work Learning’ sessions assisting the younger members of the team with their ongoing professional development ensuring they are being given the most of the opportunities available to them from the industry.

In his spare time, Baz is a keen (and fairly reasonable) darts player who enjoys spending his free time with his wife and young family. Also an avid mountain biker, when time allows, he enjoys exploring the vast countryside that the Scottish Borders has to offer.

Ask him about – how exactly he come about getting his nickname...

Izzy McDougall

Service & Maintenance Coordinator

Izzy has been with the company since 2007 and over sees the Preventative and Corrective Maintenance schedules for the service division within the company. Izzy’s cheerful and helpful demeanor is one of the reasons for the company having such a high level of customer satisfaction! With an eye in particular for detail. Izzy is ideally suited for the role she undertakes for Border Safeguard.

She is always willing to do what she can to help with any request and will attempt whenever at all possible that arrangements are made to help each customer’s needs. Izzy is well respected by her peers for her attention to detail, her helpfulness and her commitment and dedication to customer service.

Izzy enjoys spending her spare time with her family and pets and who, when the opportunity arises, enjoys foreign travel and who also advises us as being something of a domestic goddess!

Ask her about – her many trips abroad with her sister Mary!

Darren Clapperton

Service Engineer

Darren is eager to learn and to help our customers, he can be found to have an infectious desire to serve. Darren successfully gained his Modern Apprenticeship in Fire and Emergency Systems several years ago while attending college at Telford College in Edinburgh and currently oversees his own large service and maintenance area.

Away from work Darren enjoys spending time with his partner Jenny and he regularly turns out for Selkirk Rugby Football Clubs 1st fifteen where he plays on the wing. Somewhat injury prone however, it is not unknown for Darren to appear on a Monday with either a broken nose or black eye so please don’t panic if he arrives looking rather dishevelled at your door!

Darren has gained international recognition for his rugby and has previously trained in the spring months with the Scotland development sevens squad up at Murrayfield and all at the company his fellow are very proud of his achievements to date.

Ask him about – the time he spends in the gym...

David Buchanan


Dave been involved with the company in one shape or another for almost as long as the company has been in existence! Prior to undertaking a role with Border Safeguard back in 2006, Dave gained over 20 years’ invaluable experience of the industry while employed as an auditor for the industry inspectorate body the NSI.

Dave currently now uses his knowledge for the benefit of the team and its customers while assisting with the implementation of company procedures and policies so to ensure our continued compliance with meeting the requirements of all aspects of ISO9001:2008, while driving our work towards gaining BAFE 203 and SP101/ST104 accreditation. Dave works alongside our Operations Director to ensure that the company maintains the our management system and processes continue to be in place to safeguard our on going compliance to the scheme requirements, while also ensuring new opportunities for business process improvement within our organisation.
In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with family and is another within the firm that enjoys spending time golfing socially with friends and travelling.

Ask him about... the time he spent working on the oil rigs.

Gordon Ingles

Service Engineer

Gordon has been with Border Safeguard for 5 years and currently is a service engineer. Prior to starting with the Company, Gordon spent most of his adult working career with Scottish Power or working in one of its many varied subsidiary companies.

Gordon has proved himself to be a very conscientious worker while with us who takes great pride providing customer satisfaction in that he always ensures a job is well done. He is a thorough and thoughtful employee, with this being reflected in the meticulous interest Gordon shows towards each individual task he undertakes and performs for the company and customer.

In his spare time Gordon spends time with family and giving up his free time on a weekly basis to help and support with the organizing and planning of Selkirk Youth Rugby Club which competes in the SRU Regional Semi-junior League here in the Borders. A keen golfer, Gordon in the summer months can be found spending most evenings up Selkirk Hill attempting to perfect his golf swing.

Ask him about – the time he almost had a hole in one...

Alan Wheelans

Operations Director

Alan has been with the company for 18 years, starting at the bottom and working his way up the ladder as and when his tea making skills improved! Alan has undertaken various roles within the company, ranging from that of fresh faced apprentice, to that of install leader, to then the role of a service engineer (in which time he gained a SVQ modern apprenticeship, one of the first in the industry to do so) before moving indoors to undertake the role of office manager, before progressing to becoming operations manager then taking up a position on the management board of directors in 2007 when he was appointed Operations Director.

Alan is part of our existing and growth business team where he is involved in sales, purchasing, assisting with strategy and business planning, marketing and organisational development of the firm as well as overall control over our 9001:2008 auditing and quality management system.

During his time with the firm Alan has also served as both regional chairman and vice-chairman for the Scottish region with the NSI, (he was and still is the youngest ever person to hold either positions) and is currently a contributor to both the NSI and the BSIA where he attends regional and national meetings and seminars regularly.

Describing himself as a somewhat “Dadenpreneur”, Alan enjoys combining his role with Border Safeguard with spending his private time with his three children, family and friends. Alan is often found standing on the sidelines of many a Borders spots pitch supporting one of his children when playing one of their various sports. He enjoys supporting Selkirk Rugby Football Club for whom he is an ex-player and although now retired, Alan can now be found undertaking coaching duties for one of the Selkirk Rhino’s successful mini rugby teams.

Also in his free time, in an attempt to relax to switch off, Alan can be found playing the guitar while singing (badly!), golfing (where until recently, he spent many a year as a committee member prior to being Vice Captain and Captain), following horse racing and spending the odd day every now and again at the seaside!!

Ask him about – Where he finds his energy and the videos of him singing on you-tube!

Ian Rodgerson

Service Team Engineer

Ian has been with the Company since 2003 coming into the Company having had long a long career in audio and visual workings. Ian is a member of the Service team and oversees his own large area who he has built up many successful relationships with many a customer.

Ian is a committed member of our team who will go to great lengths to assist our customers as well as his fellow engineers if required. He also is a committed member of the team who likes to lead by example with regards providing a quality service to all our customers.

Away from work Ian enjoys spending time with his family. Gives up his free time, as he has done for many a year, to referee rugby games for the SRU in the region and beyond. Ian is also a well known supporter of the Scout Association movement. In his free time he also offers his services to help and assist with putting and stage managing the sound to many an amateur operatic society in the region while is another who has played his part in the making of Selkirk’s history, having been Royal Burgh Standard Bearer in 1986.

Ask him about – The ‘small bump’ he had during his first week of employment with the Company...

Isabel Hogarth

Administrative Assistant

Isabel has been with the company for 10 years and in that time has firmly ingrained herself on the landscape of the business. As a vital part of the Border Safeguard team, Isabel ensures that the office runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis undertaking and assisting with the successful completion of all office based tasks and duties.

Isabel often focuses on the processing of new acceptances and assisting with planning, scheduling and making access arrangements for install works. Isabel is also in charge of ensuring that the office cookie jar is always well stocked (whilst at the same time claims not to like biscuits).

Away from the office, in her spare time, Isabel enjoys art and crafts, travelling and socialising with friends and family and romantic weekends away.

Ask her about – about her first working day while at Border Safeguard... but more specifically, the men in uniform that made an impromptu appearance...

Dave Thompson

Installation Team Engineer

Dave started with the company in 1999 and he has developed an extensive knowledge of various industry disciplines that he can call upon during any install project he is involved in. He is a hands on installer who enjoys the challenges that can often arise and is dedicated to providing quality workmanship.

Dave served his apprenticeship with Lawries Electrical away back in the day when they were based at St Boswells before he chose a change in direction career wise where he took up a role within the gaming industry prior to starting with Border Safeguard.

Away from work Dave enjoys spending time with his family while also attempting to find time when he can to venture to days at the track where he is a keen follower the British Touring Car Championship and motor sport in general.

Ask him about – the day he had lunch with ex BTCC Champion Jason Plato…

Jenny Roden

Admin & Customer Service Co-ordinator

Jenny joined the company in August 2016 and has proved to be a valuable asset and addition to the business. Having previously worked in the sales department of a global company as a Key Account Co-ordinator, Jenny has a wealth of customer service experience and looks to continue to our provide customers with high levels of satisfaction taking advantage of her knowledge and previous learning.

In her spare time Jenny is a leader at the 1st Melrose Rainbows whom she runs the unit alongside her sister. To relax Jenny enjoys spending time with her partner Darren and watching him play rugby (Yes the very same Darren of whom is in our Engineering team!) at the weekend. As well as this she enjoys socialising with her friends and family and having the (more than) occasional shopping trip!

Ask her about – her favourite place in the world - North Berwick…

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